Thursday, April 29, 2010

Canada's Food Guide - I'm lovin' it!

I am in love with eating Canada's Food Guide. It might not be helping me drop huge pounds. It's been a great behaviour modification tool. It's family friendly.

This week we setup our family Wall Pops white board with a simple grid. Our names across the top and the food groups down the side. Each block has the recommended number of that food group and enough room to check off the number of servings eaten.

It's a bit much for the 3 year old. Especially since she over eats for her 'age' but is probably bang on considering she's about a 4-year-olds size. The 6-year-old is learning it at school at the same time. She's getting it.

Maybe it's time for McDonalds to give up there "I'm lovin' it" theme and hand it over to something my family really all can love. The simplicity and healthy eating of the Canada Food Guide.

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