Sunday, May 2, 2010

Run run run run! Running Large, Running Fat but running.

Oh yeah, this blog started to talk about my return to running. But this whole healthy living, healthy eating thing seems to be taking priority.

Well, it is - and it isn't. My return to running is underway. The Running Room's Learn to Run clinic is a great way to keep me motivated. We've moved up to 4 minute runs and 1 minute walks. Total time out is about 20 minutes and my iPod Nike+ claims we're covering about 2.5km. The good is the motivation to keep going. Enjoying the Wednesday night and (sometimes) the Sunday morning run clubs. Barry is a solid leader. Encouraging and not annoying. The bad? Speed dating was a failure. I have no new running partner. A key part of my first success was finding the perfect partner, so it's disappointing not to have found 'the one'.

I've consistently gotten out for 3 runs a week since the class started 5 weeks ago. This week I'll be short an outdoor run, but I did get one in on the treadmill.