Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bluenose Marathon 2011

What a great day.  Some might say it was a little chilly.  Given the rain and cold that everyone has been training in, Sunday May 22, 2011 provided good weather for those running the 5k, 10k, half and full marathon.

We dragged the kids out to watch the races.  Saw friends go by in the 5k and marathon, but missed the half and 10k folks.  I walked 7.2k, but daughter and husband were around 5k and the two littlest spent some time riding. I mapped it to see how far we traveled over the three or four hours.

My husband is determined to do the 10k next year.  (He's perfectly capable, just needs to put in the training time).  I'm not committing to any Bluenose goal, but I'd love it to be an option.

Congratulations to all who ran today. The youngest we cheered on was about 7 and the oldest was plenty old enough to know better.  All my friends did great and I'm loving watching them post times and stories on Facebook and Twitter.