Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eating normally

When you're all done Optifast 900, you have to learn how to eat normally.

So what is normally?

For me, it's been bouncing back and forth between healthy eating and calorie splurges.

Consistency is key to the healthy eating.

Breakfast is pretty standard. Fibre 1 cereal with milk, sliced almonds, and berries - all measured.
Weekday lunches are a breeze. A giant spinach salad with protein on top. No dressing, but lots of berries and fruit plus whatever veggies seem appropriate.
Dinner can be a full range of options. Great options are veggies and salmon. But sometimes those choices aren't  easy. Eggs and toast with fruit sides are a standby quick choice. I try to avoid meals with no veggies and fruits.
Snacks are almost always almonds and fruit.

Weekends, events and other activities throw a wrench in the consistency. Eating with my extended family is a sure way to get me off track - sometimes for a whole day! A super active day or the miserable aches and pains that come with pms make it hard to make good choices.

Tips that help me include avoiding refined carbs until supper or later and keeping protein at about 30% of my total calorie contents. Also, eating sugar or refined carbs seems to just make me want more of both.

Consistency matters. Protein counts. Sugar and carbs are hard for me to control.