Saturday, November 7, 2009

Running fat & large, but RUNNING

There are no speed records being set, but the running has begun.

The last two weeks have had somewhere between 4 to 6 walks of about 30 minutes. The first one was barely 2km, the last have been barely 3km.

But my assumptions that technology is smart made an ass of me again. My iPod must have completely died at some point and been recharged, but not synched. No idea what date my walks were recorded as over the last two weeks, so I can't provide the details.

Tonight I broke out with the 1 minute runs. The schedule was:
0-5 minute warm-up walk
1 minute run + 2 minute walk x 7
4 minute walk (at good pace)
about 5 minute cool down

Managed to cover around 3.5km. Still slow. Took me almost all of 30 minutes to get to 3km. My Nike+ claims my best 3km was 25min & 19sec. Who knows how long ago that was. Certainly pre-pregnancy.

It felt great. My intention was only to do 5 sets of the 1 minute run + 2 minute walk. But it was good so I kept at it. Plus there was a desire to reach 3km in 30 minutes.

Tonights walk/run (according to the iPod):
Distance - 3.39km*
Time - 35:32
Pace - 10:28min/km
Calories - 362
*treadmill claimed it was 3.5km and I stayed on the treadmill an extra 30 seconds to get there.

Anyone running fat? Running postpartum? You're welcome to keep me motivated by sharing your training.