Thursday, May 13, 2010

Music for Running Fat & Large

The CRTC may have ruined me. My music taste is questionable at best. The preference is pretty strictly Canadian music, musicals and pop targeting teens - in that order.

My running "On the Run" playlist on my early generation iPod nano is heavily influenced by my preferences. That latest song that seems to get me moving is Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. It fits the category of Canadian & pop.

It's replaced Sum 41's Fat Lip from the All Killer, No Filler album.

These are making it pretty clear to me I may have some inner teen angst haunting me despite approaching my 37th birthday! Especially since I'm pretty comfortable declaring myself a "casualty of society" and "victim of... conformity".

What do you listen to while running?
What would you recommend I add to my play list?

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