Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The sneaker hunt

My visit to a wonderful fast talking podiatrist has an initial diagnosis of a messed up foot due to running and wearing shoes that are too narrow, have a heel and no cushioning under the ball of my foot.

The first attempt to fix my foot problems is to buy a shoe that fits the foot as measured.  So my 9.5 Nike's need to be replaced.  (I have 3 pairs, 1. worn out and used for walking 2. wearing at the gym and 3. dedicated to running on my treadmill).

My foot is measuring an 8.5 E.  Yep. An E. That leaves almost no options.

Stores I've tried to shop at?
  1. Soles in Motion (Burnside)
  2. Oh My Sole (Young St, Halifax)
  3. Running Room (Halifax)
  4. Running Room (Bedford)
I've lost track of the shoes I've tried on. The number of them I brought home to run on the treadmill.

And now, the three pairs I mentioned earlier, are all worn out.

In the end, I've gone back to Nike that have a wider than average toe box. They have nothing to constrain the foot near the ball. Soon to be re-laced to minimize the pull across my foot. Coupled with compression socks that keep swelling to a minimum during runs and orthotics that might be helping.

My new shoes are very pretty.

I'm going to be happy wearing them. 
Not everything can be perfect, but these are more than good enough.

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