Friday, October 19, 2012

Half Marathon: The @snowflakesport training schedule

 This is the plan. How to prepare for your first 1/2 marathon by @snowflakesports

Week Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Saturday Sunday
4 4k 3k 3k 3k 9k
5 4k 3k 3k 3k 10k
6 4k 3x400m hills 4k 3k 10k
7 4k 4x400m hills 5k 4k 12k
8 4k 5x400m hills 6k 4k 14k
9 4k 6x400m hills 6k 5k 16k
10 4k 7x400m hills 6k 5k 16k
11 4k 8x400m hills 7k 6k 12k
12 4k 9x400m hills 8k 6k 18k
13 4k 4(2x400m + 1x400m track) 8k 6k 18k
14 6k 8(2x400m + 1x400m track) 8k 6k 20k
15 6k 10(2x400m + 1x400m track) 8k 6k 6k
16 6k 6k off 3k 21.1k
Thursdays - optional
Sunday - LSD (8min/km)
Speedwork - 400m in 2:30 x 2 or  800m in 5:00 followed by 400m walk

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