Thursday, February 11, 2010

OK2010A! Challenge #2 - Bite it and write it!

Operation Kick 2010's Ass is commencing part II. It's time for you to jump onboard.

If you BITE IT, WRITE IT. For the month of February you are challenged to WRITE IT DOWN. You'll be recording your food everyday. Good days and bad days don't have anything to do with your calories, fat or choices. The only choice that is a bad choice is not writing it down (or lying to yourself about writing it all down).

It's pretty easy to do. You can make your own log book. Use a notebook. Log on to a site like SparkPeople. I'm planning to use an iPod Touch app called "Lose it!". Weight Watchers online or in person requires that you write it down (for some plans). As someone who has done this task before, here are my tips.
  1. Have a back up plan. If you forget your iPod, you're not on your computer, or your notebook was left behind find someplace to write it down. It's easy to forget what you've eaten. I used to keep notepads in my bag, my diaper bag, and on the counter. At the end of the day I'd enter them all on the computer.
  2. Be conscience of serving sizes and note that you had 3 servings of X or 1/2 a serving of Y.
  3. Looking ahead to future challenges it's worth noting your water intake, fibre and a count of fruits & veggie servings.
Don't forget your 30 minutes a day of exercise is still expected. That was the new habit for January. This is the new habit for February.

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