Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The midway: 30 for 30

Just a quick update on the 30 for 30 challenge. I challenged a few friends to 30 minutes of activity everyday for 30 days. It's been enough to get us all moving more. Some are more successful than others. It's a reminder that life does get in the way. For me, that life is a reminder of why I want to get healthy.

So what does 30 for 30 look like when you're 225lbs+? It looks really inconsistent! Here's a glimpse at my log.

Day 30 - I did 31 minutes of Wii games. Not the best workout, but something.
Also dragged the baby around in the carrier at the mall & grocery store for over an hour. Slow pace but holding an extra 15lbs.

Day 29 - I did my 30 minutes. Mostly stretching and the other exercises I'm supposed to do everyday for physio. Unfortunately I was too sore to do much else. Physio hurts.
Haven't logged on to Biggest Loser on the Wii in a few days. (Did I tell you it sucks and not to buy it? The interface is horrible).

Day 28 - Got my Wii time in today. 30 minutes of step, and step related all while wearing the baby (extra 15lbs).
Now I need someone to strip a turkey carcass for me.

Day 27 - 35 min on the treadmill courtesy of Dinosaur Train & the exersaucer

Day 26 - Squeezing it in! 38 minutes on Wii, with only 45 min left in the day

Day 25 - 20 min on the treadmill followed with 10 minutes of core and 5 min of stretching.

Day 24 - Does 2 hrs on my feet wearing the baby & prepping for a 3-year-olds birthday party count?
later that night 30 minutes of stretching done! I'm tired.
As for falling off the food wagon? There is no food wagon. There's just paying attention. (But I totally get the shoveling in of things that I *think* are going to taste good and when they don't? I keep shoveling).

Day 23 - Thirty minutes of the treadmill! Done. Love the exersaucer and TV. But I'm sad that my Nike+ appears to have died from disuse.

Day 22 - I did a mixed work out at the gym. 15 minutes on the elliptical. 5 minutes on the stepper. 15-20 minutes of stretching and the physio I was assigned.

Day 21 - Finally got my 35 minutes on the Wii

Day 20 - Today was at the gym. First measured day on my new begin to run program. An aggressive paced 15 min walk after 15 min warm-up on elliptical and about 15 minutes of stretching & back/butt strength moves.

Day 19 - I've got 25 minutes done. 18 min walk plus stretching.
much later Finished off with 15 minutes of Wii

Day 18 - Got 15 minutes on the treadmill done before 10am. Not sure what else is on for today, but it won't involve using my shins much!
much later I did some Wii Fit+

Day 17 - 34min on the Wii - strength & yoga

Day 16 - I got it done. 25 min walk. 14 min elliptical and my regular stretching & strengthening

Day 15 - Today was a quick gym day. About 20 min on learn to run program and 10 min on elliptical. I am tired.

You know how grateful I am to have access to and resources for a gym? and a Wii? and my own in-home high-end treadmill? It's great. I do appreciate it.

What are you doing? Want to get in on the end of the challenge? Or better yet, start your own.


  1. Way to go!! It looks like you are doing a wonderful job :-)

  2. Thanks Staci
    I appreciate the comment & the read