Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Running. Oh yeah. Running was the goal.

So I finished the Learn to Run program at the Running Room. It was great fun once again. I'm proud and pleased I can run 10 minutes at a time and cover about 3km in 22 minutes or so.

I didn't pick up my pace the way I hoped I might. So I'm going to do the program again. There will be challenges this time. My work life resumes. The girls start their sports. Our schedule gets out of control. But I think I can make it work. And I'm sure I can KILL a 30 second run right now. Especially since I can kill it at the end of a 10 minute run.

The other part of success will be introducing some cross training. Last month it was a "Biggest Loser" workout. This month a Beach Body Workout. But what and when is still up in the air.

Are you running? How's it going?

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