Friday, June 25, 2010

Great run

No blogging.
Little twitter.
Less activity.
Almost no running.

That describes my last 3 weeks. Alternating between sadness for the end of my year long maternity leave and happiness at the enormously privilege it is to have my life there hasn't been much healthy going on.

But last nights run was great. Surprisingly great. I did my 1 & 1s x 10 with the Learn to Run clinic. (Walked the last few to make sure everyone made it back). Finished that up with some socializing. Then hit the road again for 10 & 1 x 2. It was hard. I wanted to give up at 3 minutes, and 5 minutes and 8 minutes on each 10 minute set. But I didn't. And it felt so good to make it. To be done. To complete. Even a few minutes on the run felt great!

Pretty sure it wouldn't have happened without the massage from Breathe in Bedford. My flexibility is amped way past normal. Massages will become a regular part of my live better, take on the world, challenge myself way of living.

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