Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Running Gear

What I love:
Running shirts, shorts, pants

What I wish was better:
Timex Ironman Triathlon

What I haven't gotten the hang of yet:

What I'd like to try:
Nike+ bracelet

What's your favorite gear?


  1. I was getting primed to start training for the Bluenose Half after losing tons of weight (130 lbs) and like you, started from one telephone poll to another and morbidly obese. Learning to run was REALLY challenging, gradual but one of the most rewarding things that I can say I've ever done.

    So Christmas 2009 I was all ready to start training for the half & got a Garmin 305, GC for the running room for a running jacket, a stocking full of Gus and winter running socks/long johns etc and found out I was preggers the next friggin day! Here we are a year later gained tons of pregnancy weight, I haven't used my Garmin yet and my baby is turning 6 months old soon. I'm MUCH heavier than I was then (after losing tons of weight and learning to run the first time) now I'm starting from scratch again.

    Happy to have stumbled on your blog here in Hali

    I'm really excited about getting back out there. I'm SUPER excited to put my garmin to USE! I can't say I love it yet, but I'm pretty sure I will! Up until then/now I was a Nike+ girl which I did like, but it wasn't super accurate. It was a great learning and motivational tool though.

  2. Angie I see you've had a great March and April. Keep it up!