Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The week in review

Thursday night was weigh in. Down around 2lbs despite scarfing a McDs cheeseburger and cone on the way.


Saturday kicked off with boot camp offered through http://www.coressentials.ca/


Monday got all the 64oz of water in. Mixed my high fibre cereal with a little granola and nuts. Grabbed a handful of walking squats on the walk to meet the bus.

Tuesday snuck in a panicked walk with a friend. We were both running late late late, so the stress didn't help. But about 30 minutes in. 64oz of water gone before 9pm. And a stability ball core class with Christina of Body & Spirit Fitness.

Wednesday the water was done. Cereal was eaten. And I did walking lunges on the way to the bus stop.

Thursday was a busy busy day. I don't think I did anything positive. And the week must not have been that good. I was back up all but .2 of what I'd lost.

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